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Show me the way to Ars and I will show you the way to heaven


By Fr. Joe Kim, Pastor – St. John Vianney Parish

On Tuesday, August 4, we celebrate the annual feast day of St. John Vianney, the Curé (pastor) of Ars, and we reflect on the wonderful life of this extraordinary saint who gave his whole life to being a holy priest.

There is a statue outside of the town of Ars of the famous meeting between the newly appointed pastor of Ars trying to find his way to his parish and a young child from Ars who showed him the way. At foot of this statue is inscribed the famous words of the Cure of Ars, “Show me the way to Ars and I will show you the way to heaven.”

Those prophetic words ring true on Hyland Avenue for our own parish of St John Vianney here in San Jose. There are many who are seeking their way in the midst of living in this pandemic with fears and anxieties binding them more than the imposed shelter. More than ever, the pastoral care of our priests is necessary whether in person, virtually or through the many devoted faithful of our churches.

We have an eternal destination that is the source of our present hope. St John Vianney spent many hours, sleepless nights, fasts and prayers for his people to know that the way to heaven is every step of the way in Christ through his Church. For this reason, the parish of St John Vianney in San Jose intends to build an accessible sanctuary of prayer starting this week with 24-hour outdoor adoration accessible through www.sjvnews.net. We invite the entire community to join us starting at 8:00 AM on the Feast of St John Vianney, August 4.

As the new pastor of St John Vianney in the midst of the pandemic I make his words mine today, “Show me the way to Hyland, and I will show you the way to heaven.”