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The Catholic Community Foundation Awards $5,000 Coronavirus Support Grant for Every Parish


By Marie Galetto-Dugoni 

Every year in March, the Foundation accepts grant applications from parishes and Catholic organizations throughout the Diocese of San Jose in our Spring Grant Cycle. This year, it’s more of a “Summer” Grant Cycle since the deadline for applications is now July 24th. The original March deadline fell on the exact same day as the shelter-in-place order. Needless to say, we extended the application deadline.  

The deadline was extended yet again in June to accommodate the upheaval felt by the applying organizations – mostly parishes and parish schools. The motivation for the second extension was also partially due to a huge opportunity that arose only a few days before the deadline. A family approached us wanting to sponsor a $500,000 match to support the Spring Grant Cycle. And so, for practical and also joyous reasons, we postponed the application deadline one final time to the current July 24th date.  

We are so grateful for this hugely impactful gift! Thanks to the donations raised so far, the Foundation was able to provide every parish in the Diocese with an immediate $5,000 grant for coronavirus-related expenses – no application required. The money is intended for expenses relating to the pandemic, whether for cleaning supplies, livestreaming technology, or adding resources to outreach programs to support our neighbors most in need. 

The Foundation knows that this year, more than ever, it is vital to support our local parishes. They are facing significantly decreased revenue due to the inability to collect donations during physical masses and increased costs to keep ministries running remotely and purchase sanitation supplies. In addition to the automatic $5,000 grant that was distributed, parishes have the opportunity to apply for grants in seven different categories through our Spring Grant Cycle application process. Parishes can apply for grants for outreach programs which supports people in need of rental assistance or who suffer from food insecurity. They can apply for physical upgrades to the worship space which may include upgraded technology for virtual masses. They can apply for resources for their faith formation programs, many of which are now virtual.  

Those are only three examples of the types of programs the Foundation’s grant cycle supports. Parishes are encouraged to apply in all seven grant categories: 

  • Clergy Leadership 
  • Family Life 
  • Lay and Religious Leadership 
  • Liturgical Music 
  • Parish Outreach 
  • Parish Stewardship 
  • Pastoral Ministry Training and Formation 

The Foundation is committed to being a partner for our parishes and local Catholic organizations during these trying times. With the support of the greater Catholic community, we are able to provide worthy programs with funding so that they can continue their mission, even amidst a global pandemic. If you would like to help us match this $500,000 for our community, you can make a contribution of any amount at www.cfoscc.org/spring-match before July 31.