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How Are You?


By Laura Schemmel, Catholic Cemeteries 

How are you? Do you know what the date is? What day of the week is? Most of the regular news broadcasts now begin by telling their listeners what day of the week and date is. I would like to begin this article with “How are you?” 

San Jose Catholic Cemeteries are considered an essential business, and we have been very busy adapting our jobs to work within the current government guidelines. Our Family Service Advisors are meeting with clients to make burial arrangements and create markers, the Grounds Staff is developing new burial locations in addition to conducting the daily burials for our families, and our Outreach staff are following up with our families and those grieving through phone calls, emails, Facebook, and Zoom.  

So, how are you? Have you thought about finally finishing up those end-of-life plans? This can be a scary time for many, and there have been many articles circulating about end-of-life and grief. Remember, you are a child of God. 1 John 3, “The Father has loved us so much that we are called children of God. Each day as I wake, I ask, “Jesus, what can I do for you today?” As I come across daily situations, I ask, “What would Jesus do?” Some days are more difficult than others as outside pressures are put on us or our daily routines are abandoned. However, I believe this too shall pass and what we knew to be the norm may change but I will always be a child of God – who gives me strength. 

God is here for you and Catholic Cemeteries is also. If you are interested in preplanning your burial, contact us. If you’d like to create the marker for your loved one already buried in our cemeteries, contact us. If you’d like to create a virtual memorial for your loved one, visit our website. If you need a daily message of hope, visit Solace

Jesus teaches that the way to full life is through facing death. I have seen this first-hand with family members who have faced death. I have tried to grow through my reaction to their hardship. This Covid-19 pandemic has also given me an opportunity to grow and share with others the importance of being present, mindful and responsible. I am a messenger. It is my responsibility to share God’s message and support others through my ministry with Catholic Cemeteries.  

So, I ask again, “How are you?” Do you need a quiet moment and place to take a breath and sit at the feet of Jesus to listen? Or do you need to get up, get out and be the hands and feet of Jesus to help yourself and others? Can’t decide? ASK Jesus. 

Know that Catholic Cemeteries is here to listen walk with you and your family in times of sorrow. We hope to be of assistance and presence when you need us. We are here to support you now and on through your grief journey. For further information, contact us at 408.359.5542 or at ccoutreach@dsj.org