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TEDxSaintFrancis brings messages of empathy, community

Thirteen speakers at TEDxSaintFrancis shared personal stories that ran the gamut.

by Michele Tjin 

Thirteen Lancers took the stage recently to share their personal stories at the student-led TEDxSaintFrancis, empowering and inspiring audience members with relatable and universal messages. 
Student speakers addressed topics that run the gamut, from being a twin and overcoming adversity to youth sports and anxiety. As a result of the months-long preparation, sophomore Leslie Garcia-Sanchez says she feels more confident now about public speaking and hopes to find more opportunities and platforms where she can share her ideas with her newfound voice. 
Through the process of refining their presentations to practicing their delivery, the speakers developed a warm sense of camaraderie with one another,  and rooting for one another when it was time to finally be on stage was a natural extension. For senior Myshka Javier, her favorite aspect was seeing the growth in all her peers. 
“In the beginning, our small ideas were loose and not yet formulated, and we were all able to refine them into something that was really unique,” she said. “I was looking through my old drafts and a video from our first official practice, and it was cool to see how everyone has progressed.”