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Sharing Peace at Saint Simon School

Sixth graders at Saint Simon with their Peace Cranes.

By Jennifer Sandland

The sixth grade classes at Saint Simon have partnered with a fifth/sixth grade classroom at Prince of Wales Public School in Saint Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada to promote purposeful peacefulness.

In an effort to include spiritual, emotional learning, and social justice into the curriculum, the students at Saint Simon worked with their teacher and the school counselor to determine how sixth graders can contribute to peacefulness in their own homes and communities.

They took part in a worldwide initiative, The Peace Crane Project, where students around the world discuss the story of a young girl, Sadako, who folded paper cranes in the hope that she would heal from her illness caused by the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima where she lived. After hearing Sadako’s story, the students wrote their own ideas to promote peace on a piece of origami paper that they then folded into a crane. These cranes were then sent to the partner school where the students there are folding their own cranes to send to our students at Saint Simon.

In a world full of turmoil, our students respectfully took the time and consciously reflected on making their own mark on the community they serve and love. We are very proud of them!