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How Holy Family School Alumni REALLY Feel

Andrea Morris, science teacher at Holy Family School poses with former student Ryann Davis.

Throughout the academic year Holy Family School (HFS) is privileged to have many alumni give back. Alumni return to help in classrooms, extended care, open houses, athletic tournaments, just to name a few. The one common feeling when returning to campus is excitement. The excitement they get when they see one of their former teachers.

Ryann Davis, who is currently attending Notre Dame High School, is one of those students. The word, ‘thankful’ feels like an understatement when she puts into words the value she received from one of her HFS Middle School teachers.

“During my time at Holy Family, I had Mrs. Morris as my science teacher from sixth-eighth grade. For the 3 years that I had her, she taught and expanded my love of Science. Little did I know that what she was doing was preparing me for one of the hardest classes I have had to take, which ended up being High School Biology. Mrs. Morris was creative in her classroom and worked hard to expose her students to the many different concepts that we would need to know to be successful in High School. As we did not have access to a textbook, she developed all her lessons from the internet, research, and her knowledge to give us a well-balanced curriculum in middle school science.

As I look back at my time spent in her classroom, it makes me thankful for her creativity, the time she took to prepare for each class, and teaching me over the past 3 years. Going into freshman biology, I have never felt more prepared for a class and never felt more confident in myself and answering questions in the classroom. She more than prepared me for what I needed to know going to high school. I am very thankful for Mrs. Morris and everything that she has taught me throughout my time at Holy Family.”