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Beyond the Textbook at Saint Lucy School

Saint Lucy School first graders experience annual tortoise farm visit.

It’s not every day that you get to ride a giant tortoise! Saint Lucy School first graders recently experienced the annual tortoise farm visit which is just down the street from campus in Campbell. Students enjoyed seeing the tortoise’ habitats firsthand, feeding them and even taking them for a ride!

Saint Lucy School teachers arrange both on and off campus activities that will enhance their curriculum and engage their students. Trips to the pumpkin patch in the younger grades are indeed a fun-filled beloved tradition, but in the classroom they translate to math and language as well as social studies activities. Off campus field trips to Hidden Villa, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Campbell’s Ansley House, Casa de Fruta, local plays, the Quicksilver Mine, a “Day at Apple” at the Apple store, several California missions, Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, and FBI Headquarters in San Francisco are just a few trips that the K-5 teachers experience with their students to enhance not only science and social studies but also language arts.  Junior High students can be found exploring the California Academy of Sciences, learning about science at Science Camp, visiting Alcatraz, or touring the state capital.

On campus, students in our state-of-the-art science lab are often found testing hypothesis, partnering in lab experiments, looking through microscopes, or discussing science topics.  Physical science activities and experiments help show students the fun side of learning science. They are able to not only hear about science, but also experience it with their five senses.   Principal Sue Grover added, “Children learn best by doing. Field trips engage student learning and make program content come to life.”