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Worship and Witness Merge at Saint Martin of Tours Feast


By Therese Lehane

Celebrating the feast of its patron, Saint Martin of Tours, on November 11, the community of Saint Martin of Tours Parish held a major cloak drive. Parishioners and friends brought in new and gently used coats at all Masses as part of their offering. The result was 600 coats, large, medium, and small.

Sonia Coffee, a parishioner said, “It was a sight to behold.”

The famous legend goes, on a bitterly cold day, Saint Martin met a poor man, almost naked, trembling in the cold and begging at the city gate. Martin had nothing but his weapons and his clothes. He drew his sword, cut his cloak into two pieces, gave one piece to the beggar, and wrapped himself in the other half. That night in his sleep, Saint Martin saw Christ dressed in the half of the garment he had given away, and heard him say, “Martin, still a catechumen, has clothed me with this cloak.”

A feast-day Mass celebrated by the parishioners after the example of the patron saint was a true merger of worship and witness. The collected coats will be distributed to the participants of the parish Food Box program and homeless of San José. Some of it also will be given out though Saint Vincent de Paul and Sacred Heart Community Services.

A pastoral council member commented, “This is truly living out our parish mission -People Ministering to People.”