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Holy Family Students Lend a Helping Hand for Those in Need

Holy Family students lend a helping hand to the Village House.

By Alexandra Jang,
seventh grader

During the month of October, Holy Family Parish hosted the Village House program in our Community Center. It was a very rewarding experience for all those involved. Village House is an organization that provides shelter and food for women in need.

Nancy Melander led us in creating a wonderful meal. Mrs. Melander, and the volunteers, including many students, help out to make meals and provide entertainment for the women.

“The hosts and volunteers were very kind to help the ladies,” stated seventh-grader, Nathan Chin.

“Every day, the ladies go out and look for jobs or go to the library,” Mrs. Melander explained, “and at night they come back to have dinner and sleep.”

We learned that of all of the ladies staying in Village House, only one of them was employed. The rest were looking for jobs/places to stay. This year, my seventh-grade class had the opportunity to cook meatballs, clean the dishes, and make care packages of gloves, cosmetics, and activities such as playing cards for the ladies staying in our community center.

“Helping out the women makes my heart warm,” commented Tiffany Tran, one of the seventh graders attending Holy Family School that helped cook.

One student, Ava Aviles, who had the opportunity to meet the ladies stated, “They may seem scary or different, but they are actually very friendly and nice. “

As the students of Holy Family helped more and more, we definitely began to feel more comfortable in the community center and truly enjoyed spending time with the ladies, even though we had never met them before.

We look forward to next October when we will once again have the opportunity to visit with these ladies and help them in their time of need.