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Alex Mihalko Sees Hope on the Saint Francis High School Campus


When it came time for Saint Francis High School senior Alex Mihalko to create his entry for this year’s poster contest, he didn’t have to look far for inspiration. The theme of the contest was “bring hope, present possibilities,” and as he sees it, hope is all around him on campus.

“The school is a symbol of hope,” he says. “There are so many things that students are able to do here. Faculty members are especially passionate about what they do, and they care about getting students to their next journey. I see that in my teachers and coaches.”

Each year, students are encouraged to enter the school’s poster contest in which they are asked to illustrate the year’s Holy Cross theme. The winning artwork hangs in all the classrooms and offices for the rest of the school year.

Alex, this year’s winner, chose to illustrate four well-known landmarks from the school campus as places that offer students hope because of what they represent. He designed his poster so that it can be displayed two different ways, presenting possibilities for his audience in how to view it.

“I was excited to win,” Alex says. “I’m pretty reserved and quiet about my art. I can show everyone my artistic ability without talking about it because the poster is displayed in every classroom.”