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Saint Martin of Tours School Rose Garden Homes Tour: A Student Docent’s Perspective

Saint Martin of Tours student docent in action.

By Kate Campisi and Caitriona Winston
Eighth Grade Students

“This backsplash is made of very unique handmade tiles that accent the green granite wonderfully. This wood carving is a replica of the very last picture of the homeowner’s deceased mother.”

These quotes are two of the many that were said repeatedly at the Saint Martin of Tours School Rose Garden Homes Tour. During this annual school fundraiser, seventh and eighth graders present homes belonging to various Saint Martin’s families and alumni. This event allows students to showcase not only the beautiful homes of the Rose Garden, but also
the exceptional public speaking and presentation skills they learned at Saint Martin of Tours.

The event is a great way to raise money for the school and provides the opportunity to practice life skills, such as communication, all the while having fun hanging out with friends.

The stories from the Saint Martin’s alumni, who come back to visit at the Rose Garden Homes Tour, provide the motivation to work hard and excel in the next phase of life. The skills learned and the advice received at this event and will be used in the students everyday lives as they continue to believe, achieve, and roar long after their time within these halls.