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Saint Lucy Eighth Graders Lead School Service Project


Inspiring students to see beyond themselves and give back to help others as Jesus teaches us, is part of Saint Lucy School’s whole child education.

In addition to a core academic focus, students learn through action that their ideas can make a difference in the world.

The annual faith-based school themes are relatable and help these concepts come alive. “Faith Plants the Seed; We Make It Grow!” is the 2019-20 School theme. The concept of working together to grow our faith and touch others is woven through the entire curriculum and is explored every month through the Family Groups Program.

Each Saint Lucy Family Group consists of one eighth grade leader and one student from each of the other grades.  The leaders focus on Catholic values, integrity, effective communication, and desire to learn as they explore a new topic each month with their younger group members. They often read a short story, develop thought questions and lead peer to peer discussions before completing a craft together.   

This month, the topic was introduced and implemented by the leadership of 8th grader Lilly Tebaldi. Having been personally touched by cancer through family friends, Lilly proposed an idea to support “The Scarlett Fund” at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that supports and raises awareness for pediatric cancer.

Lilly joined fellow eighth grade leaders in working with their Family Groups to create Thanksgiving cards and letters for patients at the cancer center. This was the topic of the Family Group meeting.

Over 250 cards and notes were written to 7 young patients at the center.  The mail brought kindness and love to those who are suffering, from one child to another. A representative from the “Scarlett Fund” shared a lovely thank you, reinforcing the impact of the simple gesture of a handmade Thanksgiving card. “…Thank you to everyone who helped create and deliver these special packages. Please know that together we made a difference. Today, we gave someone hope. And Love.”