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Legacy of Faith Major Gifts Campaign for the Diocese Exceeds $21 million


By Joe Naylor,
Chief Development Officer,
Diocese of San José

On October 22, at the home of Dan and Charmaine Warmenhoven, both Bishop Oscar Cantú and Bishop Patrick McGrath presented recognition awards to the donors who collectively contributed over $21 million to the Diocese’s Legacy of Faith Major Gifts Campaign. The evening began with an opening prayer given by Monsignor Eugene O’Donnell, who shared how God has kept the legacy of faith alive by sending good shepherds for the local church of San José.

During the Legacy of Faith Major Gifts Campaign that began over two years ago, Bishop McGrath met with over twenty major supporters of the Diocese. The focus of the campaign was to meet the growing needs of the Diocese and ensure that the Diocese’s future will remain vibrant and flourishing.

The campaign focused on four areas:

• Our Future – Nurturing the Next Generation of Catholics Through More Accessible Religious Education and Faith-Based Development: Providing tuition aid and training endowments, and supporting school infrastructure.

• Our Formation – Sharing the Joy of the Gospel and Celebrating our Faith to Ensure a Thriving Future, Together in Christ: Supporting leadership and faith formation, and Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

• Our Faith – Preparing Young Men to Answer the Call of the Lord, and Supporting Those Who Have Given a Lifetime of Service: Supporting vocations to the Priesthood and Priests Retirement.

• Bishop Patrick J. McGrath Endowment Fund – Leaving a Legacy of Compassion, Inclusion, and Commitment to Our Vibrant Catholic Community: Providing resources for Lay Leadership, Family Life, and Clergy Leadership.

The co-chairs for this successful campaign included Monsignor O’Donnell, Charmaine Warmenhoven, and Paul Gentzkow. The committee was comprised of Bishop Oscar Cantú, Bishop Patrick McGrath, Father Ritche Bueza, Howard Graham, Joe Krackeler, Anne Milligan, Father John Poncini, Father Thuc Si Ho, John M. Sobrato and Father Walter Suárez.

During the reception, Bishop McGrath thanked everyone for their support during his 20 years of service to the Diocese and for their tremendous generosity to the campaign. He shared that “I believe in the importance of endowment to invigorate and sustain ministry. As we grow our local church, the key to our vibrancy will be the strength and contribution of lay leaders, families, and clergy.”

Bishop Cantú shared his commitment to stewarding the funds and ensuring that they are utilized to help the Diocese continue to thrive. Regarding the funds for vocations, he said, “A culture of vocations plants seeds of possibilities – religious priests and sisters, lay ministers, and stronger families.” He thanked Ron and Ann Hallagan for establishing the Guardian Angel Program (GAP) which, this year, has provided tuition assistance enabling 79 children from Transitional Kindergarten to eighth grade from 15 parishes to attend our Catholic Elementary Schools.

The evening ended with Charmaine and Dan Warmenhoven thanking everyone for their attendance and commitment to the Diocese. Charmaine commented, “We are so blessed to have so many talented and generous lay leaders who are so supportive of the ministries and programs of our Diocese.”

If you would like more information on how you can support the Legacy of Faith Major Gifts Campaign, please contact Joe Naylor, Chief Development Officer, at (408) 983-0250 or