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Giving Thanks at Archbishop Mitty High School


By Fionnuala LaTourrette ’20

The Bay Area is finally beginning to cool down a little bit and leaves are starting to fall from the trees, which can only mean one thing: fall is upon us. This means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. On November 26, Archbishop Mitty High School students will be given the chance to take a break from the hubbub of a busy school day and reflect on what they truly appreciate in their lives during the annual Thanksgiving Liturgy.

A special moment in the liturgy will occur when Monarchs watch a video of students from Queen of Apostles, the elementary/middle school adjacent to campus, as they share what they are thankful for. The video is a good reminder to everyone of the blessings in their lives for which they can be thankful, and of how even younger students are able to recognize and identify this sense of gratitude. When our lives get busy and hectic, sometimes it is hard to be grateful for our blessings. A child’s perspective can be very helpful in pointing us toward gratitude.

Centered around the theme that adopting a grateful spirit can change the world, students will be reminded of this message throughout the liturgy, as they sing “Grateful,” by Better than Ezra, for the opening song and “Blessed,” by Brett Dennen, during the student and faculty reflections. During the liturgy, students will hear from Bea Scott, a Spanish and religion teacher; Jimmy Burden, a Campus Ministry intern; senior Urvi Bajaj, and sophomore Sebastian Young as they reflect on Matthew’s Gospel story of the feeding of 5,000 people. The songs will be played by Exodus, the school’s liturgical rock band conducted by school president, Tim Brosnan, and during these songs and reflections, the spirit of Thanksgiving will be especially evident.

It’s easy to forget how powerful gratitude can be in our lives. The Thanksgiving Liturgy helps remind everyone in our community to take a grateful attitude and make it into something that can change the world. When we give thanks, we remain humble and appreciative of the many gifts we are blessed with, and this allows us to share what we have with others, which is truly powerful.