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Catholic Cemeteries: Paying “Thankful” Forward


By Candee Lucas, Outreach

2 Corinthians 4:15; “Everything indeed is for you, so that the grace bestowed in abundance on more and more people may cause the thanksgiving to overflow for the glory of God.”

As we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this year let’s think about something bigger than ourselves: After the holiday–turkey, football, pumpkins and Black Friday when we go back to our lives on Monday, let’s see what we can make happen. What do we take away from this holiday and how can we put back into the world?

On Thanksgiving Day, we come together for sacred listening with family and friends, to give thanks for the bounty in our lives and hope to be worthy of the gifts we have been given.  Having opened our hearts to one another, we will take that same feeling back into the world and practice the open-heartedness that is necessary for us to continue to live fully with others.

We will take curiosity about each other back into the world with us so that we can continue to wonder. We take back a new appreciation for the faith experience of others.

We will leave behind our doubts. We will look forward and not backward at life experiences that live in a shadowed past.

We will take our hearts back into the world so that they may continue to be opened in compassion and love. Compassion will be what we practice, lest it become off-hand or less than fulsome.

We will take our trust back into the world so that we may not lose our marvel in the world and the humans and creatures that inhabit it with us.

We will leave behind our fears.  We will look to the future and see the possibilities there.  We will neither cower nor look at others with suspicion.  We will refuse to give in to shallow doubts.

We will learn to lean back into God’s embrace when we feel uneasy, let Him lead us and direct us. We will learn to be quiet in His presence. To let Him speak to us in the silence.  To wait patiently for His guiding hand.

We will loosen our hold on our egos to allow God space to enter. We will seek the authenticity born of silent reflection, knowing we are united in our desires to be with God.  We will sit and breathe, that most ancient form of prayer.

Mostly, we hope to remain mindful, to allow God all the time and space He needs to be with us and with those who wish to travel with Him.

Catholic Cemeteries is here to listen and walk with you and your family in times of sorrow. We hope to be of assistance and presence when you need us. We are here to support you now and on through your grief journey with our many ongoing grief support programs.  For further information, contact us at (833) 677-9644 or at ccoutreach@dsj.org.