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On A Firm Foundation: Legacy – Your Story



By Mary Quilici Aumack
Chief Executive Officer
The Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County

Last week, I was talking to my daughter Kacey about family stories.  She was encouraging me to rally my five siblings and get things “written down,” so that the stories which we love and carry in our hearts can be passed on and treasured by family.  This is a part of the wonderful legacy of my parents and the family that they built.

LEGACY is a continuation of your story.  Your story started long before you were born and will continue when you’re in heaven.  The building blocks of your story include your family, your education, your career, your volunteerism, your philanthropy, your faith.  Your story will remain because of the things you’ve done and the person you ARE, the reasons for which you will be remembered.

REMEMBER that older woman across the street who gave out the BEST candy on Halloween?  That was my grandma.

REMEMBER that guy who always sat in about the third row at Mass at St. Justin and could harmonize perfectly with every song?  That was my dad (and by the way I did NOT inherit that talent).

You know that woman who came as a young girl from Mexico and could speak no English.  She went on to college, became a teacher, still takes care of her family, and is joyfully active in more than one parish.  That is my friend Lucia.

You know that guy who played ice hockey, and brought home a first-place trophy from an international tournament after he turned 80?  That is my buddy Joe.

You know that couple who just live generosity.  They are products of Bellarmine and Notre Dame.  They raised a family and built a business based on hard work, high values, love, and faith. They give in every way possible. These are my friends Lon & Peg.

LEGACY is the part of you that remains forever.  It includes the stories that are shared, treasured and preserved. It is what we celebrate through the Society of Saint Joseph.  In partnership with the Diocese of San José, the Foundation manages the Society to honor those who have planned legacy gifts for ministry. In October, we gathered for our annual Legacy Mass and had the privilege of saying “thank you” to members of the Society.  At the reception, stories were told and friendships were established.

Why do we include faith in our legacy?

Remember THAT GUY, who came, taught, prayed, DIED, AND ROSE and remains with us in friendship, contributing daily to my story, to your story? This is the WHY of us.  It is with overwhelming gratitude for this ineffable gift that we choose to make legacy gifts to a parish, a school, priestly vocations, a religious order, or another ministry that touched and formed us.

If you have remembered “church” in your legacy planning, I encourage you to let us know so that we formally thank you with inclusion in the Society.

All of you are contributing FOREVER VALUE through your story and your precious legacy, and we are grateful.  Thank you!

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