Home Homilies November 17, 2019

November 17, 2019


Accept the Present Gift from God

By Father Brendan McGuire

Pastor of Holy Spirit Parish, San Jose, and Vicar General for Special Projects, Diocese of San Jose.

There once was a young, very happy boy and he had a dream. He had a dream and he said to the Lord: “Lord, when I grow up, I want to be successful. I want to have a big house with a large porch in the front and a big back garden. I want two big dogs, guarding our house. I want a beautiful wife, who is tall and dark haired with beautiful eyes and who can sing and dance beautifully. I want to have three young sons and I want them to be strong so I can play football with them. I want one to be a great scientist; one to be a senator; and another to be a football quarterback. I want to be able to travel the world. I want to sail the seas and climb to the top of the mountains. I want to be able to drive around in a red Ferrari. I never want to have to pick up anything after myself.”

And the Lord said to him: “That is a beautiful dream. I want you to be happy.” But the young boy was involved in a very serious football accident and was no longer able to play sports. He walked with a limp as a result.

He invented medical devices and formed his own company. It was a small company, but he did fairly well. He had a small house with a small balcony and no backyard. His house was not big enough for a dog, so he had a small, fluffy cat. He didn’t have three sons but had three beautiful daughters and the loveliest and the smartest of them, the youngest, was in a wheelchair for most of her life. They were happy children. He never traveled the oceans or climbed to the top of many mountains. He drove around in an ordinary minivan.

One night, he cried to God, “God, I don’t understand. I had that beautiful dream.” God said: “Yes. It was a beautiful dream.” “Then why didn’t you give me everything that I wanted?” God said: “I could have but I thought I would surprise you with something even better. I gave you three beautiful daughters. I gave you a wife that loves you like no one else. I gave you a limp so that you would not fall off the mountain tops and wouldn’t take too many risks. Why weren’t you happy with what I gave you?”

That night the man had another dream and he was happy with what he had. He woke up and became happy with his life.

In our lives, we often have dreams and dreams are good. Sometimes our dreams something are different from what God has in store for us. God often has something even better for us. We need to pause in our life and take into context what we do have and how blessed we really are where we are at today.

These may not be the dreams we hoped for but God is still in control. God needs us to be his active hands and feet in this world; to be people of love, not of hate; to be people who are willing to be kind to others; to forgive others.