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Saint Christopher School Students Thrive in STREAM Program

Fourth grade students work together to program Dash, the robot.

As part of Saint Christopher School’s Science, Technology, Religion Arts and Mathematics (STREAM) curriculum, students participate in monthly coding and programming lessons. Exposing children to the basic building blocks of programming early on allows students to become familiar with the skills needed in many professions today, and it also teaches students to problem solve and persevere.

Children in Kindergarten through fourth grade use iPad applications to program a robot called Dash. Teams work together to complete increasingly challenging codes that tell the robot to perform specific actions. In fifth grade, students have the opportunity to build a robot, which advances their visual reasoning skills.

The school’s Technology Director Sebastian Berstein said, “While learning to program, people will inadvertently make mistakes. Learning how to step back and reassess is a great problem-solving skill. Students are learning to track down where a problem occurred in the programming and correct it.”

Participating in this aspect of the school’s STREAM curriculum helps students develop to be collaborative, analytical members of our community.