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Holy Family School- More Than Just Core


Social Studies, Math, Science and English Language Arts are a few core classes that students participate in during their time at Holy Family School (HFS). These classes give students the foundation for the fundamental learnings they need. However, HFS students are blessed to have a balanced day with the enrichment and extracurricular programs offered to them.

Kindergartners through fifth graders enjoy the wonderful experience and teachings of Occupational Therapy, Music, Art Vista, Physical Education and Library. Programs such as Art Vista are parent run and conclude with a beautiful Art Show in the Spring. The students are ecstatic when they get the opportunity to be exposed to different art media.

In Middle School, students have enrichment courses such as Social Justice, Digital Photography, Mentoring sessions, Yearbook, Environmental Design and Journalism. The block schedule enables Middle School students to broaden their knowledge outside their core classes, experience what it is like to get additional help from their teachers during office hours and learn about what is happening in today’s society.

The day does not end at three o’clock for most of the students. The campus is just as alive after school hours as it is during school hours. HFS students continue their day with extracurricular programs such as Drama, Robotics, Gymsters, Primary grade soccer, Academic Chess, Hip Hop, 3D Design & Printing and school sports.