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Saint Lucy School Second Grade Engineers Prepare for a Quake


On any given day, you are likely to find Saint Lucy School students collaborating in small groups on experiments and investigations in the Science Lab. Students jump right into the subject matter as our specially trained science teaching staff guides them through the interactive Stemscopes science curriculum.

Recently, Second graders studying physical science and how land can change very quickly, worked in groups of four to engineer and build a structure that could withstand the effects of a simulated earthquake for at least 10 seconds! The structure had to be between 40 and 50 centimeters tall, using only three sheets of cardstock, 25 wooden craft sticks and tape.

The earthquake was simulated by a battery-operated shake table. Students were not allowed to touch or steady the structure during the simulation. Our engineers were thrilled that their work withstood the shaking.

Science teacher Bobette Lane adds, “I am proud that our second graders worked together and persevered to solve a real world problem. Whenever students become active participants in a discovery process, not only do they have fun, but they also retain content on a far deeper level.”

All students in grades K-8 benefit from the fully stocked science lab, allowing our young scientists more opportunity to experience science and engineering in a hands-on and collaborative environment with teachers specializing in Science. Each week brings a whole new set of projects and experiments to explore.

In addition to daily class time in the science lab, Junior High students may also choose to participate in the science elective class called “Myth Busters.” Class discussions include the scientific method, hypotheses and good experimental design. Students then test urban myths that they would like “Busted.”