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Saint Christopher School Participates in Marker Recycling Program

Fourth grade students from Saint Christopher School are actively working to care for God’s creation.

Students at Saint Christopher School are working to save the planet, one dried out marker at a time.

Student Council is encouraging members of the school community to turn in used markers to be recycled instead of thrown into a landfill. Student Council officers visited each classroom, explained the initiative, and gave each class a tub to collect old markers.

Students responded immediately and have even brought in used markers from home. The markers will be sent to Crayola ColorCycle, where they will be repurposed.

The Director of Safety and Ecology said, “It is our job to care for God’s creation, and recycling and reusing is an easy way for students to be involved.”

Pope Francis said that climate change is “an issue of great importance for humanity and the whole of creation.” The students are motivated to do their part in saving our common home.

Join Saint Christopher School in stepping up and serving God by dropping off used markers at the school’s Open House on November 7.