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What’s Cooking?

Chef Jeremy Soulia

In addition to great meals, special initiatives have been prepared recently in the Bellarmine College Prep kitchen.

While “going green” in the dining areas for some may refer to consuming more vegetables, it also speaks to the school’s efforts to be mindful of sustainability. That mission is evident in such implementations as using biodegradable napkins and serving utensils and offering cage-free eggs and free-range chicken.

Fair Trade coffee is being served, with coffee grounds and other food waste being used in the Bellarmine Garden for composting and fertilizing. The serving of plastic bottles on campus will soon completely be a practice of the past, as more than a dozen beverage products previously sold in plastic bottles are now served in cans.

Such efforts being undertaken by the Liccardo Kitchen team, under the direction of chef Jeremy Soulia, and campus-wide in partnership with Patrick Adams, Green Initiatives Coordinator, are inline with Bellarmine’s commitment to ecological stewardship and solidarity with creation, as encouraged by Pope Francis in his encyclical, Laudato Sí – On Care for Our Common Home.

The serving of healthier food options for students, faculty, and staff and accomplishing further sustainability goals, are ingredients for a recipe that will have a lasting and positive impact for the Bellarmine community and beyond.