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Monarchs Celebrate Community at Mass of the Holy Spirit

The Archbishop Mitty High School (AMHS) community gathered together to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit on September 11.

By Fionnuala LaTourrette ’20

On Wednesday, September 11, the Archbishop Mitty High School (AMHS) community gathered together to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit. The Mass was centered around the parable “The Wise and Foolish Builders” from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew. This parable focuses on the importance of having a strong, solid foundation in your faith, and how the community you surround yourself with is crucial to this faith foundation. Jesus explained this, pronouncing: “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on rock” (Mt 7:24).

Senior Mia Apodaca ’20, reflected on how the AMHS community spreads love. Mia shared how she found a second family in the school’s theater community and explained how it has shaped her world at Mitty. Like Jesus proclaimed, she built her foundation on sturdy rock, and over her years on campus she became an integral member of the theater community. Now a senior, Mia explained that she sees her younger self in the freshmen being welcomed into the theater program. She encouraged all Mitty students to welcome people into their communities at Mitty, so they, too, can build their strong foundation.

Mia’s interpretation of the Gospel message was insightful, especially to freshmen, as they are in the process of searching for their communities. AMHS has plenty of opportunities for them to find their place. Whether it be getting involved in athletics, campus ministry, performing arts, student government, or one of the school’s many clubs, there are plenty of options for AMHS freshmen to become more faith-filled and involved. The Gospel message also resonated with students across all grade levels, because faith, spirituality, and relationships continue to grow throughout students’ years on campus.

The Mass concluded with the school’s liturgical theme song, “Change the World” by Derek Minor. Performed by the AMHS liturgical rock band, Exodus, this song ties directly into this year’s liturgical intention to hear and act upon God’s call to change the world. “Change the World” has quickly become a favorite of the students, and from the first verse to the last chorus, students sang and danced along to the choreography created by LIFE Corps, the school’s campus ministry student leadership team. Some say that singing is praying twice, and this song was no exception, as students sang to lyrics about being “made in God’s image, the image of greatness” and this being the moment to “change the world.” With the Holy Spirit present among the students, faculty, staff, and greater AMHS community, singing about “letting your light shine” was a perfect way to send off this year’s Mass of the Holy Spirit.