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Saint Elizabeth Seton School – 2019-2020 New Student Council Pinning Ceremony

Saint Elizabeth Seton School Student Council 2019-2020 – Installation and Blessing Mass.

It’s the start of a new school year, and we all gathered for a lovely Mass to welcome new students, teachers, and parents. We also welcomed Father Maurice Igboerika, who celebrated Mass with us. We are looking forward to meeting Father Sev Kuupuo, too!

At the Mass we installed our new 2019-20 Seton School Student Council members. Seton School has a traditional “Pinning Ceremony,” when the Student Council moderators place a pin on each student’s collar to identify them as council members. This pin is proudly worn throughout the school year.

A “Lighting Ceremony” follows with the lighting of a candle handed to each member to symbolize that they now are a light for others; key representatives of the school and role models for their fellow students. Each position comes with leadership and responsibility. Father gave a special blessing to prepare us well for the school year ahead.

Council members can only run for office if they have a minimum of three teachers/staff signed approvals. The election process, over a period of four weeks, allows each to promote themselves for the office that they would like to run for.

A presentation to fifth through eighth graders gives each student an opportunity to share something about themselves, highlight their interests, and state what they plan to do if elected to office. Finally, the student body gets to vote.  It’s an honor to be elected to Student Council. We set high standards for our members: grades must be maintained, dress code followed, no tardies, and respect and attitude must remain strong and positive throughout the school year. Clearly, they can be a voice for the student body, but they are also expected to be strong positive role models for the students at Seton School.

Student Council members were asked why they wanted to serve:

  • “To help my school in a way that I couldn’t help before,” Monica, seventh grader.
  • “To be a good role model and steward of God,” Isabella, sixth grader.
  • “To organize lots of activities that are fun and safe.” Nancy, fifth grader.
  • “To help others; be a good example, respectful and help teachers too.” Daniel, seventh grader.