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Lancer Football a Family Affair at New Camp

Saint Francis High School football players join their moms on the field for a recent practice.

In a celebration of family, and of players’ moms, Saint Francis head football coach Greg Calagno invited the players’ mothers to join their sons on the field for practice at the team’s inaugural Moms Football Camp.

The event was wildly popular with everyone involved. The moms tried on their sons’ shoulder pads and helmets before heading into a session to listen to coach Calcagno as he drew up a play on the board. Then they gamely completed drills under the watchful eyes of the coaches, and the players proudly cheered on their moms and gave them pointers along the way.

“It gave our moms a chance to spend time with their sons and insight into what they do every day at practice,” said Coach Calcagno.

This mother-son event illustrates yet another way Saints Francis celebrates family, one of the school’s core Holy Cross values. And it seems that the football team has a new tradition on its hand. The event was such a hit that coaches vow to bring it back again next year.