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Monarchs ‘Change the World’


By Danielle Judilla ’20

Everyone has gone through a “favorite song” phase at least once in their life. At first, it’s a couple of head bops or foot taps, but soon enough, it becomes a tune on constant repeat that you can’t get out of your head. At Archbishop Mitty High School, we pick a liturgical theme song each school year and sing it as an entire school at every liturgy, Mass, and assembly. As a member of Exodus, the school’s liturgical rock band, I’ll sing it at least 54 times in 10 months. Being in this band has given me many incredible opportunities, but the most meaningful moment to me is being able to carry on our liturgical theme song tradition. For my senior year, the school’s liturgical theme song is “Change the World” by Derek Minor and it encourages students to stand up and use God’s gifts to make the world better.

When I first listened to this song, I knew it would perfectly capture our Archbishop Mitty family. Derek Minor’s lyrics include the line: “Beautiful people, don’t you know you’re made in his image / The image of greatness.” This is something that all Archbishop Mitty students find in all that they do, including in their interactions with friends and teachers. Because this is part of our mission statement, students can also see it in big bold letters when they walk into our Sobrato Student Life Center. Not only are these words meaningful for the Archbishop Mitty community, but they have special meaning for me. I learned many different teachings about God when I was growing up, but the first one I can recall is that “Jesus is in everyone we see.” That’s why when I volunteer at my church, I do my absolute best to make sure no child is excluded and that they all feel welcomed.

My active faith and passion for singing are two very extraordinary parts of my life. Exodus gave me the chance to combine these passions and become a messenger of God while doing something I love. Singing this song to the school is a phenomenal feeling because I get to be one of the people telling everyone that it’s their moment and it’s time to “let your light shine.” Knowing that I’m encouraging our Archbishop Mitty community to take action and change the world makes me feel so blessed. Every liturgical theme song has its message, but this one really inspires me and the rest of our student body to stand up and advocate for what is right.