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Creativity Unleashed at Saint Lucy School Summer Camp


Learning doesn’t stop over summer vacation. Over 40 kindergarten through eighth grade students were able to enjoy four fun-packed weeks of outdoor fun, crafts, movies, field trips, cooking, and some good old-fashioned summer fun at the recent Saint Lucy School Summer Camp.

Mrs. Jane Riley, Extended Day Care Director, Kindergarten Aide, PE teacher and Saint Lucy alumna, has been the inspiration Saint Lucy School Summer Camp for over 15 years. Her work and enthusiasm, along with the support of her dedicated staff, has helped create summer memories for many Saint Lucy School students.

Each of the four camp weeks has a dedicated theme. Week One was Private Eye Detectives, where students had to use their skills to investigate and solve the case of the missing treasure and earn their detective certificate.  Upon solving the case, they enjoyed making chocolate explosion baskets and marshmallow blasters.

Having cracked the case, students began Week Two with Harry Potter- inspired Wizarding Week. The Sorting Hat placed students in their respective houses. Houses competed with each other in a variety of tasks and games.  Young wizards also created hats, ties, and wands that levitated feathers.

Superheroes Assembled was the theme for Week Three.  Summer camp superheros experienced a superhero training obstacle course in full costume as they donned their self made shields and capes.  They enjoyed culinary delights that week such as pizza shields and hulk pudding.

Camp’s final fun-filled week was Sole Survivor.  Campers loved making team shelters out of giant boxes.  Survivor teams created canoes and participated in canoe and scooter races combined with a variety of individual and team challenges.

A special highlight of the week was to cheer on the Special Olympic torch run in support of athletes as it ran past the school down Winchester Boulevard. 

In addition to the themed crafts, games, and activities, students played basketball, hockey, and enjoyed lots of water play in the warm weather.  What a way to infuse imagination, creativity, and teamwork to fill precious summer days.