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Department for Evangelization Welcomes New Directors

From left, outgoing Vicar for Evangelization, Father John Hurley, CSP, Marcus Cabrera, Joel de Loera and incoming Vicar for Evangelization, Father Gerardo Menchaca. Padre John Hurley, CSP, Marcus Cabrera, Joel de Loera y Padre Gerardo Menchaca.

By Liz Sullivan

Within the last month, the Diocese of San Jose’s Department for Evangelization has welcomed two new directors.

Marcus Cabrera takes over the Office of Life, Justice and Peace. Joel de Loera is the new Director of Family Life and Spirituality.

“I, along with Father Gerardo Menchaca, my successor, are delighted to have met both Joel and Marcus through the interview process,” said Father John Hurley, CSP, the outgoing Vicar for Evangelization. “After a long search, both bring a wide breath of experience and passion for their ministry. And, it is obvious over these weeks of transition in the department; they will be great and joyful collaborators in the diocese.”

Cabrera, married with three daughters, arrived in San Jose after serving in the Dioceses of San Diego and Orange as a teacher and youth minister.

“I look forward to serving the Church in San Jose alongside our parish and school communities,” said Cabrera. “Bringing the Gospel to each one of our communities is a joy and duty we all share, and I look forward to serving every person I encounter as the chief resource for matters of Life, Justice, and Peace.”

For de Loera, the path to the Diocese of San Jose has meant stops in Oklahoma and Texas. Married with five children, de Loera has a Pastoral Ministry Certification from Newman University in Wichita, Kansas and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Theological Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology, both from Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine.

“I am really excited to be here and I look forward to serving the beautiful families and faith community of this Diocese,” said de Loera. “Guided by the Holy Spirit, sustained by mutual prayer, nourished by the Sacraments, and clinging to faith, hope and charity, may we always walk together in our pilgrimage toward Heaven.”

Faith and service to faith are very important to both Cabrera and de Loera.

“Within the ministries (in San Diego and Orange), I witnessed the love and concern of parents and guardians for their families and communities,” said Cabrera. “While celebrating the success of many parents & children, I also intervened on behalf of others, and grieved over untimely deaths. In each case, I counted on the grace of God to help me reach into the lives of each person for healing and hope.”

For de Loera, there was a time in his life when his faith had fallen to the side.

“During my younger years, I fell away from the Church and wanted nothing to do with God,” he said. “After much restlessness, several painful experiences and a poignant spiritual odyssey, I finally came back home. God is good and He never abandons us.”

To learn more about the Office of Family Life and Spirituality, visit

For the Office of Life, Justice and Peace, visit www.dsj.org/evangelization/social-ministries.