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Seton’s Snack Shack – Serves Hungry Students after School

Excited Seton Students receiving a late afternoon snack.

The school day for most at Saint Elizabeth Seton School starts at 7am with many remaining for our Extended Care Program after school until 5:30 pm. It’s a long day, but necessary as most parents work multiple jobs. We have a terrific food program that serves breakfast, lunch and a snack, but still find that many of our students remain hungry, and most notably on our minimum school day when the school’s kitchen closes early and there’s no afternoon snack.

A grant awarded by the CRS Rice Bowl allowed our Middle School students to pilot a service program to alleviate hunger at our school. The eighth Grade Students took full responsibility realizing a dream of having a “Seton Snack Shack” stocked with healthy nutritious snacks to distribute once a week to our hungry students.

The types of healthy snacks were discussed at length, the budget allocated that needed to stretch over the academic year, purchasing, storing and presenting snacks and devising a work schedule for the eighth Graders to setup, distribute and clean up the Snack Shack each week.

They did a terrific job! We plan to continue this program into the next academic year too. Not only did we see happy recipients, but the service project reinforced multiple values that we know will serve our students well; leadership, program management, budget control, scheduling and most importantly the joy of serving others

“This project made us closer to our fellow classmates,” said Ashlye Guttierez, eighth grader.

“We felt glad to be able to give back to our school that has given so much to us over the years, ” said Alexander Medel, eighth grader.

“While serving at the Snack Shack, everyone felt a sense of compassion and happiness,” said Marvin Valdez, eighth grader

We are grateful for this CRS Rice Bowl Fund that has given students a rich opportunity to grow in faith and experience the joy received when serving others.