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Saint Lucy School Hosts Annual STREAM Celebration


On a warm Friday evening in May, Saint Lucy parents and teachers worked collaboratively on the STREAM Celebration event to showcase the students’ hard work, come together as a community, and celebrate the STREAM philosophy in our curriculum. STREAM is a framework for delivering excellence in Catholic education. STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. Saint Lucy School families love to celebrate learning and our welcoming community at the same time!

The STREAM Celebration began three years ago as a science fair and art showcase. It was so popular, that food trucks and STREAM hands on activities for the children were added, such as such as designing gliders, programing a galaxy, controlling a robot through coding, expressing creativity with clay, creating math Tangrams. The event is only made possible due to the collaborative nature of the Saint Lucy community. The Saint Lucy School Parent Teacher Group, School Board STREAM Committee, Booster Club, Advancement Committee, parent volunteers, Faculty & Staff all pitched in!

Earlier in the trimester, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students developed a Science or Engineering experiment, question or problem to solve. Each student tested their hypothesis, created a display board to document their experiment, data, and results, and prepared their presentation. A group of science and engineering professionals from the public sector were invited to act as a panel of experts, interviewing each junior high student about Science Fair projects, discussing their hypotheses, and commenting on their findings. The students were ready to field questions from teachers, parents, friends, and families who packed the gym later that evening for a repeat performance. Principal Sue Grover notes that “Talking with outside visitors and articulating the scientific process and results is an amazing experience for our students!”

Taking a stroll through the art exhibit to see the talent and creativity of our Saint Lucy artists was an event highlight. Saint Lucy students are also encouraged to express their imagination and creativity. Art teacher Ann. Horowitz challenges her students to explore color, patterns, different mediums and design while expressing their creative side.