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Catholic Cemeteries…Basking in the Resurrection


By Candee Lucas

As we enter the Eastertide, I am moved to remember the words of the Persian poet Rumi (a desert father in the best sense) who in the 13h Century wrote:

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

For are we not called to bask in the love of Jesus reflected by his resurrection?  Asked to love with our hearts and our souls, clearly not just with our eyes?  Each day during the season, we can remember in mass or in private or common prayer what this gift of uncompromising, radical love means to each of us in our daily lives. Remember Romans 8:35: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” A very rhetorical question.

We can start each day with a renewed and grateful heart.  We can start each day with an affirmative ‘yes’ to God.

Shortly after I was moved to my own conversion moment and became Catholic, I was immediately drawn to the Lenten Season.  I viewed Ash Wednesday as a communal call to pause and note in the middle of our daily lives, His call and His response and His sacrifice. I proudly wore that first ashen cross on my forehead and spent the next forty days ‘steeling’ myself for what was to come. Each year I now give up my hair so that when I touch my head every day I can remind myself:  after all He is in the desert suffering for YOU.

Because we all know the story and how it ends, I think many may not take the time to savor the journey and the burnishing that comes with being in the desert with Christ those forty days.  It is all preparing us for a new moment with Him after His resurrection.  It is in those days of Easter, after the Resurrection, that His love shines so brightly and new to us.  Imagine a new day with Him, new hope and new love; and new grace.  That is the gift that Easter brings to each of us.  The possibility of a renewed life, and love and hope in Him and with Him,

This is not to say that our worldly duties are forgotten or even lessened.  But, somehow we can move through our days easier and lighter with the reminder of the taste of His new love still on our tongues.  We remember what it is to be held in the arms of one who only knows boundless love for us.  We are comforted in our silent moments and rejoice in His love in our public selves.  For our “secret” is that Eastertide has reminded us how truly loved we are.  How we are never separated from Him and that Love; not even for an instant.  Not in our wearying or worrying.  Not in our coming and our going. Not. At. All.

As we are loved by God, we are asked to love others. Consider this Easter Season following through on the idea to complete your end-of-life plans. If you do not have an Advance Directive in place, come to our workshop and do it. If you need burial property, make an appointment with one of our counselors for a free tour. Catholic Cemeteries is here to walk with you on this journey. Give your family peace of mind and ease their financial burden by putting your plans in place today at www.ccdsj.org or (650) 549-6056.