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Thoughts on Climate Change And Earth Day


By Walt Lundin, member,
Stewards of Our Common Home
Diocese of San Jose

We are in peril. As Earth’s citizens, as stewards of our common home now under great stress, we must speak until we are heard. Make the 2020 election an election of change. We must have leaders and legislators who will support the strongest and most comprehensive defensive measures against climate change. To continue to reverse earlier controls could be fatal to the world we know. The cure is in the ballot box.

April 22, 1972 was the first Earth Day. In July President Nixon signed bills establishing the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Acts. In 2015 we received Laudato Si’.

The latest report on climate change is ominous. We are failing to limit emissions of CO2 and methane. Unless we have vigorous and comprehensive measures we face conditions almost unbearable. We once praised and thanked God for “the earth and its fullness”; now we’re fearful for the earth and its foulness.

What can we do? Suggestions: 

  • Drive less. Bike, carpool, walk. Start with 10 miles a week?
  • Clean cars, if feasible. Ditto for solar. 
  • More meatless meals; more plant-rich diet. 
  • Lower thermostats, do a cold wash and air dry when possible. 
  • Energy-efficient bulbs. 
  • Plastics: Boo! 
  • If you have access to dirt, grow something. 
  • Keep on top of what’s happening by visiting and signing up at: www.communityclimate.org.

Good news and bad are before us. The worst news: The window of opportunity is shrinking. Maybe about 12 years left before it’s so broke we can’t fix it. Then what? Uninhabitable temperatures, millions of climate refugees, huge loss of farmland; resultant hunger, wars over water and other necessities, millions of premature deaths.

We will need faith, prayer, knowledge, determination, endurance, expertise and what else (?) to save this little blue globe.

Invitations to join: 

1. Regenerative Agriculture: To enrich soil, increase crop yield, increase bioidiversity, resist climate change and treat Mother Earth gently. Contact Alrie Middlebrook at cngf.org@gmail.com

2. Stewards of Our Common Home (Stewards of OCH) whose Mission is: In response to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, we educate and motivate the Catholics of our diocese, and all our neighbors, of our moral responsibility to take immediate action to address the “social and environmental crisis” of climate change. Contact Marita Grudzen: