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Flower Arranging for Our Community

Serving our parish and working with the beauty of nature is absolute magic!

It actually takes a village into planning a weekend Mass. 

Students of Saint John Vianney Catholic School have offer their time and talent, one week a month, assisting the Saint John Vianney Parish Arts & Environment Committee in creating the floral design for the décor of the church, following the liturgical calendar. The students learn how to mindfully plan out the floral arrangements: two large arrangements, one on either side of the crucifix on the main altar; two medium arrangements to adorn the blessed mother and Saint Joseph; and the ambo, where the Gospel is read. 

While feeding the soul, the art of floral arranging helps students find stillness and mindfulness, eases away the day’s tension, and brings them back to nature. As students explore the wonder of creating with nature, it elevates their mood. The result is confidence and satisfaction in their beautiful creations and the ability to share it with others.