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Field Trip to Levi’s Stadium

Photo by Tina Vu

By Joshua Dempsey
Eighth Grade Teacher

On March 14, the second, fourth, and eighth grade students of Saint John the Baptist School in Milpitas had the opportunity to attend the San Francisco 49ers Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) field trip at Levi’s® Stadium. 

The day began with pictures on the field, a brief lesson on the engineering and design that went into the building of Levi Stadium, and finally a tour of the locker rooms used by music icons such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Coldplay. Students were then able to engage in some hands-on engineering of their own during a lesson held in one of the high-tech classrooms at Levi’s Stadium. 

Second and fourth grade students were shown how the Engineering Design Process can be directly related to football and the world, and they were challenged to create a miniature stadium of their own. Eighth graders explored the Engineering Design Process by attempting to create facemasks that would safe for players and effective for a given position. 

Saint John’s students also had the opportunity to show off their athletic and intellectual skills on the field, where they participated in activities that combined athleticism, teamwork and mental math skills. Students finished the day with a tour of the 49ers museum, where they learned about some of the most important people, places, and events in 49ers history. 

The day was an excellent exploration of ways in which students can apply their talents in STEM education with their interests in athletics.