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Kinsale Management Group Summary of Work – March 30, 2019


The additional names on the Diocese’s Clergy Abuse Disclosure List are the result of an independent review of clergy files that was undertaken by Kinsale Management Consulting beginning in November 2018. 

Overview and Process: Our firm was recently asked by the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose (Diocese) to review their personnel and related conduct files of living and deceased priests and deacons of the Diocese, all well as the personnel and conduct information pertaining to other priests and deacons who are known to have ever conducted ministry in the Diocese.  

The Diocese of San Jose was established in 1981 when it was separated from the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Our review, therefore, included the records of all men incardinated into the Diocese of San Jose in 1981 or later, and of those men formerly of the Archdiocese of San Francisco who were incardinated in the Diocese of San Jose in 1981 or later. The latest records we reviewed were dated January 2019. In conducting this work, we had complete access to available records.

One of the key objectives of our work was to identify clerics who had ever been accused of sexually abusing minors or vulnerable adults as indicated in the existing documents. We also conducted a limited review of publicly-available information on those clerics.   

In reviewing the ways in which the Diocese of San Jose has responded to allegations of abuse since its inception, we found information in some, but not all, of the files that reflected a variety of actions consistent with the most common actions of other dioceses in the United States relative to alleged offenders during that time period, i.e., referrals for psychological evaluation; arranging for psychological treatment; reprimands/administrative action; and/or return to ministry. It is important to note that the Diocese of San Jose has had a policy against sexual abuse of minors since 1984, with consequences for any such acts. The documentation with regard to how cases were addressed since the creation of the Diocese’s Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults was timely and thorough. At appropriate times, the Bishop of San Jose utilized the expertise of the Diocese’s independent review board to evaluate allegations of sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults.  


  • Total Number of Files Reviewed: 12301 
  • Total Number of Reviewers: 10
  • Total Hours of Review: 762 hours 

Background of Reviewers: The Review was directed by Kathleen McChesney, Ph.D. – former Executive Director, USCCB Office of Child Protection, FBI Executive and sex-crimes detective. All reviewers had extensive careers as investigators either on the local, state or federal level and included a former FBI criminal profiler, state police major crimes investigator, head of a state police forensic laboratory, a specialist in victim assistance programs, a federal financial crimes investigator. 

1 Number of files reviewed is approximate. For alleged offenders, in particular, there were multiple files reviewed. We also reviewed, but did not necessarily summarize, generic files, or files pertaining to specific reporters of abuse whose information was also found in alleged offender files.