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Saint Lucy School Third Graders ‘At Apple’


Third grade students at Saint Lucy School recently benefited from an engaging “At Apple Today” field trip.  They were cheered on by employees as they entered a local Apple store to begin their “At Apple Today” experience.  Following their arrival, the students began a ‘Coding Lab for Kids’ training preparing for a Sphero Robot Obstacle Challenge. Students were able to explore block-based coding as they programmed simple movements; changing speed, time, direction, color and sound. An obstacle course was set up and students worked in groups of two or three to use their ipad to program the Sphero’s successful path through the course. Working with the ipad app programming code is a fantastic way to prepare students for the innovative jobs and opportunities that they will discover in future academic experiences as well as eventual careers. 

Field trips outside the classroom continue to be an integral part of learning at Saint Lucy School.  The educational experiences are planned by teachers to correlate with the regular classroom instructional program. Teachers often balance in-house field trips, such as the Walk Through History experiences, with off campus trips as they arrange activities which will enhance their curriculum and engage student learning.

Trips to the pumpkin patch for the younger grades are indeed fun-filled beloved traditions, but in the classroom they translate to math and language as well as social studies activities.  Off campus field trips to Hidden Villa, History Park, local plays, California missions, the Quicksilver Mine and the Ainsley House are just a few trips that the K-5 teachers share with their students.  These experiences enhance not only science and social studies but language arts as well.  Junior High students also love to learn and explore via field trips. Whether studying at the California Academy of Sciences, learning about different environments presented via New Generation Science Standards at Science Camp, or touring the state capital, they are all enthusiastic learners and love the hands on learning environment.