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I awoke this morning to yet another Catholic Church sex scandal. First pedophilia, then the rape of nuns, and today the Vatican’s internal documents on how to handle priests who father children. I have struggled for years to remain in the faith of my baptism but am finding it harder by the day to do so and remain faithful to my truth. It’s past time for the hierarchy to make massive changes regardless of the pain or discomfort it causes them. That pain pales in comparison to the pain they have inflicted upon countless victims. The day of the “boy’s club” is over and the Church must recognize the female species as their equal. It’s time to not only bring them into the conversation but into positions of power and decision making. To the Harvey Weinstein’s of the entertainment industry, the corporate boardroom, factory floor, schools, Boy Scouts, and, yes, the Catholic Church I say “the jig is up.” Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”

Becky Bell