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Holy Family School Second Graders Visit History


We take for granted the hidden gems we have around us. 

Mrs. Bowers & Mrs. McRoberts’ second grade class took a trip back to history at the Campbell History Museum. Their excitement throughout the field trip was never lacking, as they learned that in 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt participated in a parade right where they could have been standing. 

Yet today, we continue to celebrate some of the greatest parades and festivals that once began in those same streets years and years ago. 

One amazing realization they had is that dishwashers did not exist. So, when they had to wash their own cups the “old fashion” way, it certainly showed off the skills they DO have that can be useful in their homes TODAY. 

From how the homes were run to how the local grocery stores or “general stores,” as they once called them, looked, the second graders were intrigued by the differences of how the streets of Campbell use to look and what it looks like today. Learning how time can change a simple look or task, our students were astounded by knowing that one day our lives today may undoubtedly be seen in a museum years from now.