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Going through Catholic High School Shadows and Open Houses


By Aaron C. Bañares
Saint Victor School

I am an eighth grader who is graduating this year. That means I will be going to high school very soon. I would like to continue my Catholic education and my choices are Archbishop Mitty High School, Bellarmine College Preparatory and Saint Francis High School. It’s not enough to just pick a high school and, boom, that’s where I’m going, final answer. What if that high school isn’t the right fit for you? That’s why I need to look at the high schools one by one and find out if it is really the best fit for me. I signed up for shadow dates for all three of those schools. 

The first school that I shadowed was Archbishop Mitty High School. My shadow experience was fun. I was able to be a student at Mitty for a day and I learned a lot. I participated in classes and it was exciting. On top of shadowing I also visited the Open House. I was able to talk to more teachers and I felt like I learned more about Mitty in the Open House than when I shadowed. I was able to personally talk to more of the staff about what they teach and the extracurricular activities that are offered. 

Next, I shadowed at Bellarmine College Preparatory. I really enjoyed my shadow experience. My guide was engaging and we talked a lot. His friends and classes were fun. I got what it felt like to be a Bell especially one that is smart. Unlike Mitty, I felt I got more out of the shadow experience than I did from the Open House. While the Open House was buzzing with activity, for some reason, the shadow experience was already a wow for me. 

The third school is Saint Francis High School. This was the final school I shadowed. The student I shadowed was an alumnus from my school whom I knew personally. It made my shadow experience also fun, familiar and I was more at ease with my shadow guide. However, in one period, I was entrusted to another guide as my original guide had P.E. class The Open House was as informative as the other two schools. It showcased how Saint Francis works and everything else. 

Going to all the open houses and shadowing all the Catholic high schools have made it hard for me to make a decision. I hope that God will guide me to make the right decision in choosing where to go if I get accepted by them. I wish the best of luck to all those applying to Catholic High Schools.