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Father Ho Lung & Friends & “Praise Him!”


Father Ho Lung & Friends (FHF) is the music-arm of the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP), a lay Religious Institute of Brothers of Pontifical Right dedicated particularly to the corporal works of mercy to the least irrespective of creed, caste, race, nationality and culture. It was founded in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica in 1981 by Fr Richard Ho Lung, formerly a Jesuit priest and a university professor. Its most important work is to conduct centres for the homeless and the abandoned in the ghettoes and slums or among the poorest of peoples. At present, the Missionaries of the Poor serve in 13 dioceses worldwide and run 24 centres for the homeless and the abandoned in such countries as Jamaica, East Timor, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, Uganda and the US.

FHF preceded the Missionaries of the Poor by some 12 years–founded by the same Father Richard Ho Lung–and is integral to the latter’s life and ministry to the least of our brothers and sisters.  The group is made up of some of Jamaica’s finest singers, actors, dancers and musicians who offer their talent and time free of charge in service of the Gospel and the poor.  The group has the following objectives:

To proclaim the Gospel of Christ through music and songs. It is a concrete way through which MOP responds to the Church’s call to “recommit all of her energies to a New Evangelization” where all her members are called to re-propose the Gospel “in new ardour, methods, and expressions.”

To raise awareness on MOP’s Spirituality and works among the poor and marginalized in society and thus generate financial support for the same.

“Praise Him!” is a concert that puts together different songs of praise in Jamaican and Caribbean rhythms like reggae, calypso and mento and celebrates our being sons and daughters of God, called by our name.  This repertoire of songs is both profound and soul-searching while at the same time filled with joy and exaltation.  

This particular concert will be playing in at four Catholic churches in the San Jose area: 

  • March 10 at Holy Family in San Jose
  • March 15 at Saint Maria Goretti in San Jose
  • March 16 at Saint Joseph in Fremont
  • March 17 at Saint Athanasius in Mountain View

Proceeds will aid our various ministries around the world, which serve more than 30,000 people on an annual basis.

For tickets and further information, please contact Dr. Ngoc Nguyen at ngocyu@hotmail.com or (408) 390-2453.