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Saint Lucy School Pre-Kindergarteners Experience Their Five Senses


During a week entitled, “All About Me,” Saint Lucy School Pre-K students learned about the five senses and how these individual capabilities help us everyday. They use their senses to gather, explore and interpret information at the daily sensory station. Touch and feel bags allowed children to manipulate unseen objects to evaluate texture, size, and shape. A tasting station allowed students to experience the tastes of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Going outside to experience the sound of the world allowed children to focus on particular sounds and how they make us feel or call us to action. Smelly jars provided students with an opportunity to experience different smells and try to identify them. Some smells may be very familiar and others may be brand new to many. 

Students also were asked to think about how they would feel if one of their senses was missing a they participated in partner trust walks. The trust walks also helped them build trust, friendship and understanding. They discovered how much they have to rely on each other to be safely guided through the classroom and how as a guide you have the job of keeping your classmate safe.

Pre-Kindergarten Director Nicole Quinn added, “It was a great real-life application for them to understand how important and powerful their senses are as well as what it would be like to lose one of those essential senses. They were all very excited to join in the activity and all students volunteered to be either a trust guide or walker.”