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Saint Lucy School Children Helping Children


Saint Lucy School families and teachers are still smiling after December’s “Fill a Truck” day! Saint Lucy School partnered with the City of Campbell’s Police Department to fill not one, but two, trucks full of toys for children in Campbell who were in need over Christmas. Five Officers with two trucks and one police car with lights flashing arrived on campus before students arrived. The truck beds were open and waiting right in the middle of the morning drop off zone as the families arrived for school.  The children eagerly ran over to the trucks to place their toy donations inside and say hello to the Police Officers. The students loved having their picture taken with the Police Officers as they delivered their donations and watched the toy piles grow!

The spirit was jovial, and our Pastor, Father Mark Arnzen, joined in the excitement. Officer Ana Spear, a Saint Lucy School Alumni Parent, helped coordinate the effort, which made the connection even stronger. This was a wonderful way to partner with the City of Campbell and offer our students a visual for the impact that their small donation can make, especially when coupled with others. Principal Sue Grover added “the spirit of giving is a year round commitment and engaging our students to care for those less fortunate as Jesus did is the best way for them to see how every gesture makes a difference.”