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Grants for Parish Programs – Open for Applications and Donations


Marie Galetto
Marketing & Grants Program Manager, CCFSCC

I often try to think of a clever introduction to my announcement of the opening of the Foundation’s grant cycle. However, this year, I think that the examples of last year’s grants speak for themselves. Read on to discover just a handful of wonderful programs that the Foundation is proud to support. Hopefully they will inspire you to apply for a grant for your parish or to donate in support of our grant cycle!

The 2019 Spring Grant Cycle application is open now through March 15 at 5 p.m. If you’re interested in supporting our grantmaking in any or all of the categories below, please send donations to the Foundation designating the Spring Grant Cycle or donate online to the “Spring Grant Cycle Matching Grants” fund at https://giving.cfoscc.org/donatenow

Last year $12,000 in matching grants allowed the Foundation to award $231,150 in our four grant categories. This year we have $214,500 available in the following categories:

Apolonia Andre Fund for Liturgical Music: This fund supports parish liturgical music programs which enrich our worship and bring our communities together in Eucharist. Available funds: $5,900.

Grant Example: “Developing Student Cantors and Instrumentalists” – Identify and train elementary and junior high school students to serve as cantors at Sunday 9 a.m. mass, and extra training in support of the student string players. 

Parish Outreach Endowment: This fund focuses on programs which serve underserved communities and perform corporal works of mercy – feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, etc. Available funds: $74,200.

Grant Example: “Ministry to Migrant Farm Workers” – Provide bare essentials to families during the “off-season” when they don’t have financial resources to feed their families while they wait for crop season to start.

Parish Stewardship Endowment: This fund supports programs which view stewardship as a way of life that engages parishioners in Christian life and builds a community where everyone is welcome and parishioners actively and excitedly participate in parish life. Available funds: $60,100. 

Grant Example: “Unity in Diversity Video” – Highlight the diversity of our community with all parishioners so that they can appreciate all the members of this faith community.

Pastoral Ministry Training & Formation Endowment: This fund supports ministry training and faith formation programs that help people of all ages grow in their faith. Available funds: $74,300. 

Grant Example: “Parents’ Catechesis Sessions” – While their children are in catechesis classes, parents stay for catechetical sessions specifically designed for them in the hope that they will walk more actively with their children in their journey of faith.

Grant Workshops: Come to one of our Grant Workshops for tips on how to write an effective application and all grant processes. Bring your questions! Check the website for workshop dates and times.

I encourage all parishes to apply in every category! Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. I look forward to learning about the programs that make your parishes so vibrant and welcoming!

For more information about restrictions and requirements, please visit http://cfoscc.org/what-we-do/grants.