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Celebrating Catholic Education


By Jennifer Beltramo

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Each January, Catholic schools across the nation come together for a week-long celebration of Catholic education.  This event provides us with a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of our ministry.  At a time when the 24-hour news cycle and ever-present social media commentary are highlighting deep divides and uncertainty in our world, Catholic schools are writing a different narrative.  

Within our schools, educators are touching the very hearts of those they serve, nurturing communion with Christ and one another.  They foster a love of learning, a deep sense of compassion, and a commitment to service.  They are giving our children the lens not only to navigate the world but the ability to truly change the ending.  In this way, Catholic schools are at the very heart of the Church, a critical ministry within our parishes.  

This Catholic Schools Week, I invite everyone to reconnect with their local Catholic school community – to find inspiration in the energy of the teachers, the excitement and engagement of the students, the leadership of the pastors and principals, the commitment of the parents and all staff who support this shared ministry.  Together, we are committed to serving the children and families throughout our Diocese.  Together, we are disciples with hope to bring.  This Catholic Schools Week, we welcome you to witness the community and impact of Catholic education.