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Catholic Cemeteries: This Year, Resolve to Plan Ahead


By Kathy Fanger

The New Year is upon us, and for many, that means it’s time to try some self-improvement. Our resolutions may be to lose weight, save money, exercise more, or some other virtuous endeavor. Often though, by February, our good intentions fall by the wayside. This year, why not make a resolution that’s not just good for you and your family, but also easy to make happen? 

The resolution in question? To accomplish your end-of-life arrangements. Preplanning may seem overwhelming. You may not know where to begin, yet we invite you to start the conversation. Your end-of-life plans deserve restful and mindful focus. When you make this a priority, it actually takes less time than you may think.

Our Catholic Cemeteries counselors are available to meet with you and it’s free.  If requested, they will come to your home. They will listen to your wishes, explain burial options and offer a tour. You may even put property on hold for two weeks if time is needed to make a final decision. Another benefit of preplanning is purchasing with today’s dollars. Many are surprised by our zero percent interest finance plans which extend to 36 months. 

Why choose a Catholic Cemetery?

…because it is your final statement of faith. You choose to rest among believers in consecrated, sacred grounds, named after Our Blessed Mother, angels and saints. Relatives and friends visit and pray for you. They often speak stories of their loved ones, becoming friends. They hold onto the promise that one day they will be reunited with Our Lord and those they love in the kingdom of heaven. Gate of Heaven has an exquisite Veterans Section. Monsignor J. Patrick Browne declared:  “Catholic Cemeteries is the best kept secret in the diocese.”

Our three diocesan Catholic Cemeteries are:

  • Calvary Cemetery – 2650 Madden Avenue, San Jose
  • Gate of Heaven Cemetery – 22555 Cristo Rey Drive, Los Altos
  • Saint John the Baptist Cemetery – 651 Old Piedmont Road, Milpitas

Catholic Cemeteries also has resources for planning a funeral (Vigil, Mass or Memorial Service, and Committal). Our End-of-Life Legacy Guide will assist you with designating music, scripture readings, and individuals you wish to be a part of the liturgy. The guide also has pages to note names of family, friends and financial contacts, assets and liabilities. It allows you to restfully gather and document this information and put it in a safe place for your family and executer. 

What a beautiful gift of peace of mind when your funeral plans, property, and wishes for Catholic funeral services are in place and documented. This gift to your loved ones removes the stress of last minute decisions, financial demands, and their urgency of choosing your final resting place.  Your loved ones need not worry about whether they’re making the choices you would have wanted. At the time of death, they can focus on what’s really important: comforting one other, giving thanks to God for your life, and beginning the healing process. Having accomplished these plans, you may concentrate your life on your relationships, not the logistics, and preparing your soul for the Lord who will say to you: 

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit and kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” Matthew 25:34

Make this resolution happen.

Contact us today for a free appointment and ask to receive our free Legacy Planning Guide, (650) 428-3730 or cemeteryinfo@dsj.org.

SOLACE – Soul + Grief

January 23: 7 – 9 p.m. (4th Wed. each month)

O’Connor Hospital Chapel – 2105 Forest Ave, San Jose

(Use main entrance. Parking in the back lot, right of Main entrance.)

Facilitator: Candee Lucas, M.A. Pastoral Ministries. We use a scripture reading as a seed for our sharing, discussion and support. We hope to create a sacred, confidential space for you to share your grieving. No RSVP necessary. Free.  Sponsored by Catholic Cemeteries and O’Connor Hospital.