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VMware Donates 90 Laptops to Saint Nicholas School


Practicing hospitality and expressing such words of thanks took both the staff and students to the test when VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and workspace technology, donated 90 laptops to Saint Nicholas’ junior high classrooms over the Summer- estimated at approximately $135,000! From this wonderful donation, students can now collaborate with other technological advancements in the classroom. Compared to the previous laptops, this new solution offers the very best to fit our student’s needs. Already being a 1:1 iPad environment, our students can be found capturing live video for a Photo Journalism elective, creating content for regular Student Council videos, or a classroom project. However, with the addition of the new laptops, students can utilize post-production with its ability to run our video editing programs with ease. Our students are blessed and grateful to have so many devices at their fingertips to create, collaborate and communicate with our community.