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Holy Spirit Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons: The Finish Line is Just the Beginning


Holy Spirit School stresses the importance of faith, knowledge and community inside and outside of the classroom in a myriad of ways. One such way is through the Mini Mermaid and Young Triton Running Clubs. Teachers and parents partner to teach young boys and girls about the benefits of running, but more importantly, the coaching develops a deeper understanding of each child’s self-worth and a practice of compassion for others. Participants and their coaches run a lot, journal a bit, participate in service projects and learn that they are capable of more than what others perceive. The program encourages children to understand their worth, trust their capabilities and improve their view of themselves in an effort to empower them to make good choices.

The Mermaids and Tritons at Holy Spirit School ended their season this year by participating in the Run.Sweat.Love. 5K with their community in Santa Clara County. They ran side by side with boys and girls from diverse schools, with varied social and economic backgrounds. They all pushed themselves and completed the run with smiles and confidence while standing tall for themselves and others. The curriculum brought to Holy Spirit School through the Young Triton and Mini Mermaid Running Clubs shows students that the finish line is just the beginning! (Mini Mermaid Coach Gina Bianchi contributed this article.)