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Holy Family School Takes on Social Justice

Middle School students at Holy Family School visited Village House.

This trimester, Mrs. Koss begins her Social Justice elective with Middle School students at Holy Family School, focusing on homelessness. The school’s eighth graders researched homelessness statics around the world, United Stated, California and also the Bay Area. As the reality of how homeless people live and have become homeless reignites with the young adults, Mrs. Koss hopes to inspire them to not love merely with words, but with their own actions.

Through the trimester, the eighth graders have already completed a cost-of-living project, to understand that the lack of affordable housing in the Bay Area is the big cause for homelessness. For this issue, they are currently designing a wearable shelter, bringing focus on how important it is for homeless people to stay cool, warm and dry.

The eighth grade class will also work with the Downtown Street Organization by fundraising and donating. A guest speaker from this organization will visit Holy Family School and any fundraising done in their Social Justice class will be directly organized by our students.

The eighth graders know the importance of their actions so they visited Village House. Holy Family Parish is hosting Village House this month, which is a shelter of hope and refuge for women who are homeless. The women at Village House appreciated the respect and kindness given to them as they chatted and had dinner together. Our students learned that no matter what situation a person’s life could in in, that all people deserve compassion.

In the next two trimesters, Mrs. Koss will bring awareness to the racial issues in the United Stated and focus on immigration issues. Social Justice will continue to integrate the importance of our actions in society as real-life topics are focused on. Again, let us not love merely with words, but with action.