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Saint Lucy School Celebrates Alumni


School memories fill our lives, binding us to friends for sometimes a lifetime. Alumni can be among a school’s most important and loyal supporters. By engaging alumni, schools can continue to benefit from their skills and experience.  In turn, alumni have an ongoing connection to the school, maintain old friendships as well as cultivate new relationships through stewardship and service.

Saint Lucy School values its 65 year history. We are blessed to celebrate our rich legacy with alumni as they maintain their connection to our community through the sharing of their stories and volunteering throughout the school. Currently there are over 30 children of more than 20 alumni attending Saint Lucy School.  As a testament to our thriving school community, the Annual Alumni Reception, which kicks off the yearly Fun Fest carnival, hosted alumni and families from many decades.  Alumni as far back as the 1960’s and their families, as well as current and former faculty enjoyed an evening reconnecting and sharing stories. This annual event is a highlight of the Fun Fest weekend as well as a beloved opportunity for alumni to “come home” to Saint Lucy School for a wonderful celebration.

In addition to the Fun Fest Alumni Reception, some of our newest alumns gather in the spring for the Senior Pizza Send-off.  High school seniors who graduated from Saint Lucy School just four short years prior, along with their parents, come together for an evening of celebration as these students prepare to take the next step in their education journey as they graduate from high school and head off to college.  It is an evening of reconnecting and laughter as students tour the campus, chat with former teachers, and catch up with classmates they may not have seen in some time. This event is as much fun for their parents as they share stories from the past and their hopes for the next chapter of their children’s futures.

Jane (Dougherty) Foster is an alumna from the Class of 2000. She is a member of the faculty and a Saint Lucy parent. Jane reflected about Saint Lucy School from her unique perspective, “During my Open House visits, it felt very genuine. When choosing a school for my children, touring Saint Lucy was like coming home to a community that I had known, but had grown into the 21st century while continuing to educate the whole child.  It was where I wanted to have my children educated.  When the opportunity came to join the faculty, it was my dream job. I was given the chance to work and collaborate with teachers that I knew and respected.  I was not only going to be able learn from them, but as an alumn, I would also have the to give back to a school community that had provided me with so much.”

Jane joined the school community as an alumn, faculty and parent – a rich combination of memories, history, and education.