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When Faithful Fans Experience More Than Baseball


On a beautiful day in September, 15 of Saint Martin of Tours’ parishioners enjoyed a day at the Oakland Coliseum. This was not an ordinary day of baseball, this was the annual Faith Day where the players take some time after the game to share how they live their faith. As if watching the A’s beat the Rangers wasn’t enough, the Saint Martin of Tours group also appreciated the chance to hear about how the A’s players integrate their faith with their lives. Here’s some of their thoughts:

“As to the talk that was given by the A’s Players, we heard that, ‘No matter what is going on in our lives, positive or negative, that Jesus knows we can get through it with him.’ A few of the players said that they felt blessed to have Jesus in their lives everyday. It was a great time and a big plus for us.”

“Faith day at the Oakland A’s was wonderful. It was a great opportunity for church community building: to re-connect with old friends, converse with Scripture class colleagues in a different environment, and meet new people around the ballpark.”

“The testimonies of the players after the end of the game put the entire afternoon in a much different perspective. We were impressed and inspired by the candor of these baseball players, and how they integrated their faith into their game. They displayed yet another example of how God is a part of everything we do.”

The experience was clearly full of faith and fun. We hope more parishes will join us next year.